New System at Kingsgate

We are excited to tell you about an important system we have decided to use at Kingsgate. For years we have used Planning Center Online (PCO), an online, church-built system, to manage volunteers and staff involved in our Sunday services. In recent years, PCO has installed more and more modules needed by churches, and has done so with excellence.

We have decided to adopt several PCO modules as our church management system for key functions:

PCO People will serve as our contact information. This will be a major improvement over the several places we currently store names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, etc. for our attendees and members, which cause confusion and missing people.

PCO Resources will be used to schedule our facilities for events. Christ DeLeon, our new church office administrator, is the person to contact to request use of the facility for meetings, conferences, parties, etc. She will enter data into PCO Resources for users to see.

PCO Giving will be our new giving / donation platform. Fully integrated with PCO People, this will allow you to give in new and better ways, with less fees to the church, and far less administrative work on our staff. You can now even “text” gifts to 84321.

We have tested this system, researched other church users, and are confident your data is secure, the user interface is easy to use, and ACH and credit card fees are the lowest possible.

 To give through our new system please go to our PCO Giving page.