Meet The Worship Staff


"We want to see a generation whom is filled, healed and changed because they truly know their father. That they would worship from the place of knowing their identity, authority and power in and through Him"


"We believe in living a lifestyle of worship to the Lord, and having true intimacy and seeking his face without ceasing daily, not just Sunday morning. Above all we want to have CHRIST at the center of our lives, worship services and community."

Nerina Castro

Nerina has been involved in the ministry since a very young age serving as a teacher and as a worship leader.

As a part of the Kingsgate family it's is her heart to fulfill God's calling in her life and her family. She has a deep hunger for God's love, presence and revelation. As a worship leader it is her desire to see lives being touched, freed and healed in every area through the prophetic sound of worship thats comes from God's heart.

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