The God that Raises from the Dead

*Life is filled with various types of afflictions and we as Christians are not immune from them. In fact, our commitment to our faith very often seems to be the cause of our difficulties. In Greek, there are 10 different words for suffering and in 2 Corinthians 1, Paul uses 5 of them. In verse 8, he describes one of his worst trials, a trial so hard that he “despaired of life itself” and put a “sentence of death” upon himself. This trial was so bad, so difficult he was sure that he would not make it out alive. So how did Paul face such a dire circumstance? Very often we say as Christians “I trust God.” We even have it printed on our money: “In God we trust.” What do we mean when we say we “trust” God. Do we mean that we believe that He will make everything easy? That He will do what we think is right in our lives? That everything will come together according to our standard of what is good? In verse 9, Paul describes a different level of trust, a trust in the “God who raises from the dead.” So what is the difference? While facing death itself, Paul proclaims His trust in the God who has already conquered it. With the promise of the resurrection on our side, what can possibly stand in our way? As Paul writes in Romans, if God is for us, the God that has conquered all enemies including death itself, then who can stand against us? When we face these trials, we face them because Jesus also faced them. We suffer because our enemy hates the one who lives in us. But we need to remember that “as we share abundantly in Christ’s sufferings, so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too. When we lay hold to the promise of the resurrection in our life, we can rest assured of our comfort in the face of any and all sufferings.*

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