When the Holy Spirit doesn’t Make Sense

Has the Holy Spirit ever asked you to do something strange? Something that seemed so ridiculous, so out there that you actually doubted that it was Him asking you to do it?

In Acts 8, an angel came to Philip. This angel asked Philip to leave where he was, in the midst of a very successful move of God in Samaria, and travel south. No destination, no target, no mission to accomplish: just to start traveling south into the desert. This directive was not just difficult but actually, from all outward signs, would seem counter to the purposes of God. Leave Samaria where God was doing a great work and start traveling in the desert?

What Philip did not know before he set out on this journey was that he would encounter a man, an Ethiopian man. Not just any man, but a eunuch, a foreigner who had been castrated, a man for whom the law had no place. For Jews, an unreachable man. What did Philip do in response to this request? Without hesitation, he obeyed.

When Philip found this man, he was reading the book of Isaiah — in Greek. At this time, the most popular version of the Old Testament was not the original Hebrew but the Greek translation. Whom did God send to this man who was reading the scriptures in Greek? Philip, a Greek man, a man who was called to minister to foreigners and widows, the outcasts (Acts 6). The Bible says the spirit told Philip to “overtake” the chariot, to join himself to it. God asks us to join ourselves to people just as “he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him,” (1 Corinthians 6:17). And in our connection to others, they too can join themselves to Jesus.

We cannot always see what the purpose of God is when He asks us to do something. In fact, sometimes from our earthly perspective it seems as though the thing He is asking us to do is not just out of line with what we are doing, but what He is doing. But so often, we simply cannot see the thing that He is trying to orchestrate from His heavenly perspective. We cannot see what He is trying to accomplish, what people He is trying to reach and how we fit into His purposes. We simply are called to obey and when we obey we see just how perfect are His designs. Will you be obedient to His leading?
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