Cross Over – Feb 22

Pastor Denise and I once had the privilege of visiting an Israeli Air Force base in the valley of Armageddon. I was like my grandson in the middle of a toy store.
As the colonel showed us around, I spoke excitedly about the presence of this military installation in a prophetically strategic spot and how victory, of course, belongs to the people of God. He looked at me, unmoved, and said, very simply. “Do you know why we succeed where others fail?”
In other nations, he said, officers stay back from battle. In the Israeli army, the generals and colonels lead the charge. Every time. “When a soldier sees that, he has the confidence to follow.”
We have a general like that: Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
Author means the one who goes in first.
The book of Hebrews – written to a displaced people of God having to live every day by faith – exhorts us to press through by looking at Jesus.
As the people of God, we run a race behind an author who ran it first.
The word Hebrew means “the one who crosses over.” We are called to cross over, to lay hold of a promise the fathers and mothers in the faith did not get to claim fully. They had to wait for Jesus. They had to wait for us. And they watch from the cloud of witnesses to see what we will do.
In the midst of a corrupt world that throws all kinds of obstacles in your path, you are called to lay aside weight, to look up, to despise shame – just like the Author of your faith.

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